Sale! Skin Cafe 100% Pure Castor Oil Beauty Grade

Skin Cafe 100% Pure Castor Oil Beauty Grade

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Castor oil of Skin café is 100% pure and organic. The oil has been used for skin care, hair care, health issues and so forth more than hundred years.


  • Assures hair growth and relieves dandruff.
  • Moisturizes hair and skin.
  • An incredible treatment of scanty eyebrows.
  • Helps hair retain pigment and therefore delays hair turning gray or white.
  • Alleviate fungal infection.


  • Carries omega-9 essential fatty acid which helps grow healthy hair.
  • Rich with antioxidants and vitamins.
  • Antibacterial.
  • Carries ricinoleic acid which fights against acne causing bacteria and penetrates skin layers.

Suggested use

  • Massaging your scalp with Castor oil and it will help you get thick and long hair.
  • Massage your face with castor oil after cleansing your face. This treatment will abolish the dry patches of your skin and maintain the hydration of you your skin.

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